The BMW R1200GS has been the king of the large capacity adventure bike category since not long after it’s launch in 2004. The BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure has been the highest selling adventure bike of all time and propelled BMW Motorrad to a top record of sales for 6 years straight. With the current liquid cooled model producing 123hp with 92ft lbs of torque at 6500rpm it is capable of 130mph. The real heart of the BMW R1200GS however is long distance, adventure riding where it is capable of carrying both luggage and passengers in comfort and speed over vast stretches of terrain.

An excellent bike straight from the factory in many areas but the stock suspension is limiting in that it is not easily serviced and the limits of travel and non adjustable damping are found quickly when off roading or carrying extra weight such as a passenger and luggage over long periods of time. Also as the bike ages the performance of the shock deteriorates and the spring weakens resulting in a saggy and uncontrolled ride.

The BMW R1200GS suspension uses typical emulsion tube technology that provides an acceptable shock at a reasonable price however most R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure buyers expect a combination of extreme performance and extreme comfort from their suspension.

At TFX we produce both traditional emulsion shocks and remote reservoir shocks for all models of the BMW R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure but with much more efficient and well designed damping and rebound systems. Our shocks are carefully tuned to the riders weight and preferred riding characteristics and are made of the highest quality materials available ensuring an extremely long service life as well as the ability to be serviced at any good suspension shop. We also provide a 5 year warranty on all our shocks when used for recreational use due to our high levels of trust in our products.

All of our shocks use an oversized 16mm high-strength shaft and our shock bodies are made of 6082 T6 Aluminium and are made to an extremely high standard. All our seals feature integrated teflon and a ride height adjuster can be supplied if needed.

Our shock absorbers are race proven and although we build shocks specifically to fit the BMW R1200GS and BMW R1200GS Adventure we can custom build shocks to fit any specific requirement you may have such as on a bike built for off-road racing.

For example we can supply our entry level 130 shock which is designed specifically for road and would be a great, economical replacement for a failed stock unit. The specs for this sock are:


  • Pre-load
  • Rebound adjuster


  • Aluminum shock body in 6082 T6
  • 16mm Chrome Induction hardened Shaft
  • Mount eyes and bottoms from aluminum 7075
  • Custom Valving
  • Rider-Specific Spring Setup
  • Ride height adjuster on most models standard

Recommended Use

  • Product optimized for street use
  • Perfect choice for riders looking for easy-to-use suspension
  • Available for most popular BMW motorcycles

However for customers who desire extreme performance such as for long distance touring. Off road travel and racing we can provide our 132 and 142 shocks which feature remote reservoirs for extreme damping control and oil cooling with the following specs:


  • Threaded Pre-load
  • Rebound
  • Low speed Compression
  • High speed Compression


  • New design and color
  • New lightweight aluminium shock body
  • Separate adjustability of the high-speed and low-speed compression
  • 16mm Chrome Induction hardened Shaft
  • Mount eyes and bottoms from aluminum 7075
  • Custom Valving
  • Rider-Specific Spring Setup
  • Ride height adjuster on most models standard

Recommended Use

  • Product optimised for Race track (also suitable for street)
  • Perfect choice for riders looking for optimum performance
  • Available for most popular BMW

TFX offer a warranty period of 5 years for recreational use, and 1 year for competition use.

For the BMW R1200 GS and R1200 GS Adventure both our emulsion type shock and remote reservoir shock feature 40 clicks of rebound damping adjustment so you can fine tune the ride quality and our remote reservoir shocks feature both high and low speed compression adjustment with 32 clicks. This allows a great level of adjustment to tailor the shock to your exact riding needs and style.

The BMW r1200GS and R1200GS Adventure are known to be quite tall bikes so for the rider with a smaller stance we can reduce the height of the shock to ensure a safe comfortable ride for everyone regardless of the size of bike.

TFX Suspension Technology for BMW R1200GS motorbikes

TFX supports your way of riding, and builds the shock to your exact specifications. We produce high quality shock absorbers to match your needs, please do feel free to email or call us to ask for advice on which shock will best fit your situation.

If you have specific requirements and would like some extra advice call on +31 (0)495 750529 or email TFX Suspension would be happy to talk to through some options.



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