Motorcycles Endurance / Off-Road

OFF ROAD / ENDURANCE Suspension manufactured in the Netherlands. Off-road driving creates a unique set of requirements for a shock absorber. Off-road and Endurance suspension is all about absorbing the big hits. Off-road riders put their bikes under incredible stresses, and their safety relies on the durability and endurance of their shock absorbers. We developed a shock absorber to satisfy the highly-demanding world of Off-road riding.

Therefore TFX Suspension has a wide range of shock absorber options for most motorcycles. You can have a look on our webshop to see which shock fits your motorcycle. All our shock absorbers are custom build and adjusted to the weight and driving style. Our shocks are made to be retrofitted with the newest features.

Qualities that all shocks from TFX share: durabilitycustom build and nice looks.

Types of shock absorbers. In general we have 2 types of shock absorbers:
M= TFX mono shock absorber
TS= TFX twin shock absorber
These 2 types of shock absorbers can be delivered in a 36mm diameter and a 46mm diameter piston.
This depends on the motorcycle, type and year of built.

Depending on the use of your motorcycle we have different models:

  • Emulsion shock absorber with or without separation piston
  • Advanced high pressure gas type shock absorber with hose mounted external reservoir
  • Pro advanced high pressure gas type shock absorber with external “piggy back” reservoir

Adjustment Features

  • Adjustable compression damping
  • High- and low speed compression damping
  • Adjustable rebound damping
  • Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • Integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • Adjustable Length

The information about the shock type and adjustment features you will find within the notes of the individual products.