TFX 141 Mono Motorcycle Shock (Rear)

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This mono shock will be used for bikes with a lack of space. Due to the fact that the hose is flexible we can mount the reservoir in a variety of positions. We always try to find the most suitable position so that adjustments can be done easily and having the advantage of the airflow which gives extra cooling.

The TFX 131-141 shock features both rebound as well High/low speed compression adjustment.
Our TFX shock absorbers are based on a modular system. This means we can replace/repair each individual part. Due to this our twin bike shock has a long life and is easy to service.

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Each custom motorcycle or ATV shock is built for the bike or ATV, the rider and his riding style! Please use our filter to find the right parts for your vehicle.

Product Description

The TFX 141 advanced shock offers adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping, a remote fluid reservoir, adjustable rebound damping, floating piston superiority and low-friction seals which add up to a highly refined shock that can be tuned with precision to meet the ride style and handling characteristics you prefer. They have a 5 year warranty for recreational use.

This shock absorber is for the rider who wants high performance, durabilty, controle and the possibility to refine adjustments. It is an ideal choice for racing, off-road riding or extended trips.

These, easy to use shock absorbers are some of the best replacement shocks you can buy for your motorcycle.
If you are interested in all the features, please have a look below at specs.



  • Threaded Pre-load
  • Rebound
  • Low speed Compression
  • High speed Compression
  • Hydraulic Remote Preload adjuster (optional on select models)


  • Aluminum shock body
  • 16mm Chrome Induction hardened Shaft
  • Mount eyes and bottoms from aluminum 7075
  • Custom Valving
  • Rider-Specific Spring Setup
  • Ride height adjuster on most models standard (if possible)


  • 5 years (!) – recreational use
  • 1 year – competition use

Recommended Use

  • Product optimized for street use and race track
  • Perfect choice for riders looking for easy-to-use suspension
  • Available for most popular motorcycles
  • Mono shocks for: Aprilia, BMW, Bimota, Buell, Cagiva, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha (and many more)



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