Shock absorbers based on a modular system

Each Shock Is Custom Built

TFX Suspension Technology does not only stand for Technology, Innovation and Service.

Also for Comfort, Control and Safety
This gives us the opportunity to manufacture the most possible applications. The products are engineered and manufactured from the best materials to guarantee you a shock you can rely on for many years and which will full fill your needs on the road or track.

Our focus always rests on the customer. Therefore all our shocks can be retrofitted with the newest features, therefore do we offer 5 years guarantee. All custom shocks built to install with no modifications to the bike.

Each custom motorcycle or ATV shock is built for the bike or ATV, the rider and his riding style

  • custom shock lengths, either shorter or longer are available
  • user adjustable compression and rebound damping – that makes a difference in the shock action
  • each motorcycle shock custom sprung and damped for the bike as it is outfitted, not just for the OEM weight
  • TFX shocks provide a smooth supple ride with outstanding control o custom wound progressive fork springs provide a smooth ride with better control than the OEM
  • no more costly (time and money) swapping out springs after finding you have the wrong rate for your bike
  • no more wondering why the damping adjusters don’t make much difference in the bike handling
  • no more trying to fit the shock reservoir to the shock makers default location when your installed accessories are in the way

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