TFX Suspension have a huge amount of shock absorbers in stock for All Terrain Vehicles. We make sure all our products are built to an extremely high quality, durable, look amazing and are custom built to your specs. If you are researching shock absorbers for your ATV you have come to the right place, simply call or email us for advice on your shock absorber.

If you’d like to know more about ATVs, then keep on reading!..

What Is an ATV?

ATV stands for ‘All-Terrain-Vehicle’ and can refer to quad bikes, three-wheelers, four-wheelers or quadricycles.

An ATV is really any vehicle that travels on low pressure tires with a straddled seat and usually long handlebars in order to make steering easier. As you might have assumed from the name, these vehicles are designed to travel over varied terrains. Some people stick to the roads and some like to head off road. ATV’s aren’t legal on the road in all states, so double check before heading to a new area.

ATV’s are designed to have one operator, and be able to take a passenger. These vehicles can be classed in the motorbike family, but of course have four wheels instead of two which is ideal for giving a bit of extra stability.

TFX Suspension for Quads

Where did ATV’s come from?

The ATV’s we see today are the product of a long evolution period, the first quadracycles began popping up in the late 1800’s. Royal Enfield introduced their first ever powered quadracycle in 1893, originally built to create a horseless carriage carrying goods. In 1893 Henry Ford built a single cylinder engine machine which loosely matched what we see today, he worked on this design over time and in the 1894 he produced a horizontal twin-cylinder engine, building on the same principles of his earlier model. Leap forward two years and his quadracycle was complete! The quadracycle was one of the main starters for the Ford Motor Company.

ATV Offroad 

Some believe off road is where the real adventure is! Sticking to the road can limit what you see and where you can go, so going off road whatever vehicle you’re on can be a more exciting experience. Riding quad and ATV’s off road does put a lot of stress on the machine and tests it to the limits! Knowing your machine can handle the terrain is extremely important, you need to fully trust the bike in order to get the best from it. Here at TFX Suspension we believe the right shock absorbers makes a huge difference to your riding experience and also safely. If you’re thinking about buying a new shock for your bike, ask yourself these questions:

  • What terrain do you want to ride on your bike?
  • What kind of rider are you?
  • What will you be carrying?
  • Will you be racing and need a high performance shock?
  • Would you like to lower your ATV?

Whatever your answers are, TFX Suspension will make the perfect shock for you. We personalise each shock absorber, and this is included in the already competitive pricing. TFX Suspension understands riding your ATV off road creates a whole new set of requirements, this endurance style suspension must be able to handle harsh terrain and produce a pleasant riding experience. At TFX Suspension Technology we create durable, high quality shock absorbers for the off road riders out there.

TFX Adjustment Features

  • Adjustable compression damping
  • High- and low speed compression damping
  • Adjustable rebound damping
  • Hose mounted hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • Integrated hydraulic spring preload adjuster
  • Adjustable Length

TFX Suspension for ATVs

ATV Offroad Riding Tips

If you are new to riding ATV and quad bikes off road, we have created these tips for beginners to help you hit the trails:

Wear Gear – Make sure you wear the appropriate gear, ATV is a recreational vehicle and can be tricky to get the hang of at first. Prepare for the fall, not the ride.

Clutch and Shifting – Practice simple things like clutch and shifting, this seems obviously but if you are new to it and don’t get the basics pinned you’ll always be learning on unstable skills.

Steering – Riding ATV off road can be compared to off road motorbiking, but is fairly different when it comes to steering, ATV is more like the steering in a car but you’ll need to balance the weight to stop you from tipping over. Take it easy and this will make more sense on the trail.

Stand Up – There’s nothing wrong with sitting down if you’re just plodding along, but when you are ready to really tackle some hard terrain you’ll see the benefits of being stood up. When standing you’ll have more control of your ATV and the machine can move freely underneath you.

Throttle – When new to ATV’s, press the thumb throttle slowly and carefully.. you don’t want to be wheelying before you’re ready!

TFX Suspension for ATVs and Quads

TFX Suspension for ATVs and Quads

TFX supports your way of riding, and builds the shock to your exact specifications. We produce high quality shock absorbers to match your needs, please do feel free to email or call us to ask for advice on which shock will best fit your situation. Whether you are an entry level rider or advanced, we will create the perfect set up for your bike.

We hope you found this article about ATVs and Quads useful. If you’d like to add anything please do so in the comments below, or if you’d like to ask us a question about your bike email us on:

TFX Suspension for ATVs and Quads

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